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I'm a 50 something ex nurse, retired through ill health. I like reading and writing. When my health allows I knit sew and bake and have just started jewellery making as a hobby. I also like camping when my health allows. I'm studying for a degree with the Open University. I have two grown up children and a 'live out' life partner. I've been a 'pagan' with celtic and druidic leanings for 25+ yrs now. I have two half siamese cats and a rescue dog (terrier of indeterminate parentage and a chronic anxiety disorder).

Getting away from Face book.

Well, not completely, but  I have decided to log in only once or twice a day and to keep my visits brief. I would be better if I made the effort to put the odd post up here, without being … Continue reading

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Fibro what?

“Fibro what?”  Fibromyalgia, it’s getting more commonly known now, but that was the usual response I got from people when I was first diagnosed with it 12 years ago. This mysterious, confusing , frustrating and unpredictable condition has been my … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Having invaded twitter this week I thought, ok, might as well go the whole hog and get a blog! Who knows I may change the world, or I may just go back to bed and hit the play button on … Continue reading

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