Getting away from Face book.

Well, not completely, but  I have decided to log in only once or twice a day and to keep my visits brief. I would be better if I made the effort to put the odd post up here, without being distracted by fluffy kittens or enraged by the Tories latest foul deeds. Currently feeling a bit sorry for myself because arthritis seems to have taken a hold, mainly on my left hip and in some of my finger joints, which is bloody annoying when I am trying to achieve more physically. The fibro is as ever it was. Some things are improving however. I’m just coming out of a bout of depression and life is becoming more fun again. The M.E type symptoms which always seem to rear their ugly heads have subsided a little as we come out of (hopefully) winter. I have no idea what I will write about, we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully inspiration is not far away and maybe rambling on like this will get me back into practice.


About auntiejax

I'm a 50 something ex nurse, retired through ill health. I like reading and writing. When my health allows I knit sew and bake and have just started jewellery making as a hobby. I also like camping when my health allows. I'm studying for a degree with the Open University. I have two grown up children and a 'live out' life partner. I've been a 'pagan' with celtic and druidic leanings for 25+ yrs now. I have two half siamese cats and a rescue dog (terrier of indeterminate parentage and a chronic anxiety disorder).
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