Hello world!

Having invaded twitter this week I thought, ok, might as well go the whole hog and get a blog!

Who knows I may change the world, or I may just go back to bed and hit the play button on the dvd.

The main reason I’ve finally gone for the blog is that I seem to have this itch to write. The trouble is it can sometimes be a bit like background noise, mostly inane drivel  with an occassional “hey, what was that again?”

I really don’t want to bore people with a long winded narrative of my life story. I’m rather hoping that anybody daft enough to continue reading will get to know me through my posts. But I can tell you are just bursting with anticipation to know who this new blogger is. OK a short intro then.

I’m a somewhat middle aged slightly bonkers lady who lives with two mad cats (you will be hearing more about them later)  and a dog with an anxiety disorder. (I might introduce him if he stops piddling on the floor long enough for me to put the mop down).

Right enough for now, not being the most technical person in the world I’d best go and look at the left hand pane and see if I understand what it is that wordpress has to offer. Then I will endevour to find out if I can actually use any of it without crashing the entire internet.

If you have got this far please visit again ..pretty please, you may be my only reader and cyber lonliness is a terrible thing, there really ought  to be a support group for it.





About auntiejax

I'm a 50 something ex nurse, retired through ill health. I like reading and writing. When my health allows I knit sew and bake and have just started jewellery making as a hobby. I also like camping when my health allows. I'm studying for a degree with the Open University. I have two grown up children and a 'live out' life partner. I've been a 'pagan' with celtic and druidic leanings for 25+ yrs now. I have two half siamese cats and a rescue dog (terrier of indeterminate parentage and a chronic anxiety disorder).
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